Follow orders, do a good job and be a Poodle!

If you wish to join FRMD you need to be able to follow orders, even if they mean you jump into certain death! Communicate, teamspeak is mandatory in squadplay and a microphone is recommended. Don't be dick, join our squads once in a while and follow our rules. If you are capable of this, join our discord, come talk to us!

We run a very efficient outfit management system based on how regularly you play and how involved you are with the outfit. Hard work and skill gets promotions, inactivitity and constant lone wolfing gets you kicked. See our rules page for more details on outfit house keeping.

About us
Poodle Decal

Formido (FRMD) is a planetside 2 Outfit fighting primarily for the New conglomerate (NC) on the Miller Server.

We do 'serious squad play' almost every evening 7pm/ 8pm CEST, led by a one of our experienced squad leaders. We run the occasional open squad or platoon too. We focus on a quick response infantry style, though we pull any vehicle when we see a good opportunity for it.

We join public events whenever we can, these include server smashes and lane smashes. We also run a bi-monthly drunk ops where we have an evening of squad play with some games mixed in all accompanied by lots of booze!